Sandbox MMO List

Well, it's not quite there yet - we still miss some titles, some data and a way to make the table sortable - but we're getting there!

Also, if you find yourself thinking "Wait, that game isn't a sandbox at all! HERESY!". First of all, check out my "Defining the Sandbox" page, and secondly... Well it's not quite done just yet. :)







A Tale in the Desert Historical RPG Free to Play eGenesis 2003, 2, 15 Link
Anarchy Online Science Fiction Free to Play Funcom 2001, 6, 27 Link
APB Reloaded Shooter Free to Play K2 Network 2010, 11, 11 Link
ArcheAge Fantasy RPG Unreleased XL Games Unreleased Link
Auteria Indie RPG Free to Play Huehn-software Open Beta Link
Bounty Bay Online Historical RPG Free to Play Frogster 2007, 8, 14 Link
Darkfall Online Fantasy RPG Subscription Audiovisual Enterprises SA 2009, 2, 26 Link
Dawntide Indie RPG Unreleased Working As Intended Unreleased Link
Entropia Universe Virtual Universe Micro transaction MindArk 2003, 1, 30 Link
Embers of Caerus Fantasy RPG Unreleased Forsaken Studios Unreleased Link
Eve Online Science Fiction Subscription CCP Games 2003, 5, 6 Link
Face of Mankind Science Fiction Free to Play or Subscription Nexeon Technologies 2009, 12, 29 Link
Fallen Earth Post-Apocalyptic Shooter Free to Play K2 Network 2009, 9, 22 Link
FireFly Universe Online Science-Fiction Unreleased Dark Cryo Entertainment Unreleased Link
Haven & Hearth Indie, RPG  Optional Donation Seatribe Open Alpha Link
Infinity: The Quest for Earth Indie, Science-Fiction Unreleased I-Novae Studios Unreleased Link
Islands of War Fantasy RPG Unreleased Neojac Entertainment Open Beta Link
Istaria: Chronicles of the gifted Fantasy RPG Free to Play Virtrium 2003, 12, 9 Link
Life is Feudal Indie, Fantasy Subscription Vladimir aka "Bobik" Closed Alpha Link
Lime Odyssey Anime RPG Free to Play Aeria Games Closed Alpha Link
Linkrealms Indie, RPG Free to Play Mythyn Interactive, LLC Closed Beta Link
Mabinogi Fantasy RPG Free to Play Nexon 2004, 6, 22 Link
Mortal Online Fantasy RPG Subscription Star Vault 2010, 6, 9 Link
Neverdaunt Indie, Virtual Playground Free to Play RobotLovesKitty Open Beta Link
Origins of Malu Fantasy RPG Unreleased Burning Dog Media Unreleased Link
Pathfinder Online Fantasy RPG Unreleased Goblinworks Unreleased Link
Perpetuum Online Sience Fiction Subscription Avatar Creations Ltd. 2010, 11, 25 Link
The Repopulation Science-Fiction  Unreleased Above and Beyond Technologies Closed Alpha Link
Roblox Virtual Playground Free to Play Roblox Corporation 2005, 6, 24 Link
Ryzom Science Fantasy Free to Play Winch Gate 2004, 9, 16 Link
Salem Indie, Fantastical Historical  Free to Play Seatribe Closed Beta Link
Savage Horizon Fantasy RPG Unreleased Snail Game Unreleased Link
Second Life Virtual World Free to Play Linden Research,
2003, 6, 23 Link
Shores of Hazeron Science-Fiction Free to Play Software Engineering Inc. Open Beta Link
StarQuest Online Science-Fiction Subscription Castle Thorn Software LLC 2007, 9, 21 Link
Ultima Online Fantasy RPG, 2D Subscription Origin Systems 1997, 8, 24 Link
Uncharted Waters Online Historical RPG Free to Play KOEI 2005 Link
Vanguard Fantasy RPG Subscription Sony Online Entertainment 2007, 1, 30 Link
World of Darkness Horror Unreleased CCP Games Unreleased Link
Wurm Online Indie, RPG Free to Play Markus Persson 2006, 6, 6 Link
Xsyon Post-Apocalyptic RPG Subscription Notorious Games 2011, 3, 1 Link
Craft of Gods Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed
Earthrise Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed
StarWars Galaxies Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed
World of Wizards Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed